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Jacqui Ashforth

Talk Practitioner
Hello! My name is Jacqui.
Works on:
0808 196 1773


Hi, I’m Jacqui, I have a Diploma in Social Sciences which includes Level 2 and 3 Psychology and level 2 and 3 Human physiology. I also have a level 2 qualification in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and have trained in Suicide Awareness First Aid, and dealing with infant loss. I am currently taking a break from my BSc Degree in psychology with counselling, with the Open University. As a firm believer in the importance of lifelong learning, I am always open to learning and studying further to enhance my knowledge professionally and to be a good example to my two daughters, with positive work and study ethics. Prior to my career change in to mental health and starting my family, I worked in hospitality and catering, which gave me the pleasure of travelling the UK. I gained a wealth of experiences and worked with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Often teaching English to staff where English was not their primary language.

Since standing on my Grandfather’s feet whilst he led and taught me to waltz, quickstep and foxtrot, I have been hooked on dancing! Following his passing, I classically trained and became a member of the modern art group and danced in the West End. Five years ago I came out of dance retirement and I am now an acrobatics teacher for a local dance academy.

I became interested and focussed in mental health, in particular, working with families and young people due to my own experiences in post-natal depression. I found myself supporting others dealing with similar struggles and experiences. Upon recovery, I decided I wanted make positive change for others in crisis and wanted to be a part of that change by supporting families where mental health difficulties was an issue. My aim being, looking at a bigger picture and supporting individuals within a family and working towards positive outcomes… without leaving footprints in people’s lives. I started by training as a family support volunteer for a local charity, followed by up taking the diploma in social sciences. I have had great pleasure in running the family support service, as senior family support caseworker for four years, at the former mental health charity Mind in West Cumbria; being part of many positive outcomes and walking beside local families in need of emotional and mental health support.

My Roles


I am a Talk Support Practitioner for Together We CIC.