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TogetherWe - Fitness

Empowering you to better manage your mental and physical health and wellbeing

Together We Fitness runs a variety of classes and one to one exercise sessions. Public classes and one-to-one referrals are open to all.

We believe physical activity and fitness is an important too to support your wellbeing!

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What do we deliver?


One to one sessions

Together We have a variety of different Instructors who are all trained to deliver a huge variety of different classes and sessions. 

Our classes incorporate a range of sessions designed to be suitable for all!

Currently Closed to Referrals

One to one fitness sessions delivered to clients with a focus on improving mental and physical wellbeing.

You can be referred to us - by a professional or by self-referral, to work with our fitness team to improve physical health and overall wellbeing.

You will work with a fitness professional who will ask you about your health and will carry out an assessment with you. They will be able to help you set goals and plan sessions that are safe, accessible and we hope enjoyable for you.

Mini Gym's

Together We uses a mixture of cardiovascular machines and hydraulic strength training equipment throughout our exercise areas to create a circuit training workout. Circuit training is used in body conditioning, endurance, and resistance training. We are creating Mini Gyms throughout our working areas to provide a holistic approach to physical and mental health.


To support our work, we charge a monthly donation for our fitness sessions of £5-30 per month, you choose what works for your budget, all profit goes back in to our services.

Click below to set up your monthly donation via our Local Giving Page!

Don’t want to pay monthly? We have tap donation points! Pay between £3-£5 per session

Group Exercise

Taking control over our mental and physical health and wellbeing!

Classes can be adapted for beginners, advanced or intermediate levels to make them inclusive for all. Our studio classes are designed for all and incorporate a mixture of cardio, weights, high and low intensity sessions and much more.


Cardio boosing classes for all abilities.

With the intention to boost your endorphis to improve your sense of wellbeing and feelings of positivity.


Keep strong.

Resistance based classes to maintain strength and stimulate your positive hormones. Strength training builds the foundation of your fitness goals


Wind Down

Chilled out classes to recover and replenish your body. Excerise to be used as a mindfulness tool. Classes that increase your sense of calm and boost your skills for staying in the moment

Fitness Groups

6 week psychoeducational groups focusing on increasing motivation, overcoming low mood, managing wellbeing and using movement as a recovery tool. 

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