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Claire Bibby

Counsellor and Dep Clinical Lead
Hello! My name is Claire, Counsellor and Deputy Clinical Lead.
Works on:
0808 196 1773


Hello! I’m Claire, BACP accredited counsellor and Deputy Clinical Lead for Together We CIC. 

For ten years I was employed as a counselor in a drug and alcohol charity, where I gained professional experience in counselling individuals who present with addictions. During my employment in drug and alcohol services, I was able to complete the national standards in drug and alcohol and attend a variety of other courses to improve my knowledge of addictions and couples counselling. In addition to my role as a counselor. I am proud to mention that during my tenure at drug and alcohol services, I set up a family peer support group for the family members of addicts and for me this demonstrates my commitment to addressing the holistic needs of individuals struggling with addiction and their families.
I secured funding as they required a phone, hire of a room and teas and coffees for this group from the local police and
NHS.  By the time I left drug and alcohol services this peer support group was autonomous and run itself by its members.
A career challenge of mine was to gain knowledge and a professional understanding of working with chronic mental health and personality disorders, this allowed me to attend accredited courses in cognitive behaviour therapy, attachment, eating disorders transactional analysis, and improving self-esteem.
For two years I worked in an inpatient Secure Psychiatric hospital and I facilitated mental health recovery groups and worked with individuals in a psychiatric intensive care unit and the long-term stay wards for personality disorders
In the four years I have worked for Together We Talk, I completed my counseling supervision course, and I would like to add there no day in the service which is ever the same. I believe it is a privilege to work within a team that has the same shared values as me and wants to improve the mental health of residents of West Cumbria.