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Add a Student

Within the dashboard

  • Hover over users
  • Click add new user
  • Complete fields
  • Untick notify user if you don’t want them to receive an email.

Assign Student to a Course

Once you’ve added a student

  • Hover over users
  • Click all users
  • Select the relevant student
  • Scroll down to “User Enrolled in Courses” section and move student to right column
  • Remember to click “update user” at the bottom of the page to save any changes.

Add Multiple Students

Within the dashboard

  • Hover over users
  • Select “Import from CSV”
  • Create a CSV file using the headings provided in the example.
  • Once created click “choose file”.
  • You can overwrite existing user information if required.

Create a Group

Within the dashboard

  • Hover over LearnDash LMS
  • Click on “Groups”
  • Click “Add New Group” and give the group a name
  • Click on the “Courses” tab and assign the relevant course to the group.
  • Click on users and assign the relevant users.
  • Remember to click “publish” when you are done.
To remove a user from a group simply click on the Users tab within the group and move the user from the right column to the left.

Manual Lesson Update

Within the dashboard

  • Hover over Users and select “All Users”
  • Click on the student name.
  • Scroll down and user “Course Info” click on “details”.
  • From here you can manually mark a lesson / module as complete for a student.
  • Remember to click “update user” to save any changes.

Extend Course Access

Within the dashboard

  • Hover over LearnDash LMS and select “Courses”
  • Click on the relevant course.
  • Click on the “Extend Access” tab.
  • Enter the expiration date / time and assign any users.
  • Click “update” to save any changes.


Within the dashboard use the ProPanel filtering to filter progress for either a student or a group.

The results will display in the ProPanel Reporting widget underneath once you click “filter”